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For nearly a century, our family has lived and worked in the stunning forests of South Central Utah. We are a full-service lumber mill that specializes in custom cut timbers, beams, construction logs, log siding, tongue-and-groove decking and paneling, and much more. For decades, we have served the log home industry with our mill-direct pricing. We'd love to help you build your next project or log home.

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You will find something more in woods than in books.
St. Bernard

About Thousand Lake Lumber

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Whether you're needing large construction timbers, custom milling, or complete packages to construct your dream home, we can help. We've been serving satisfied customers for generations throughout Utah and the West. With a commitment to old world craftsmanship and values, we utilize the latest technology to deliver logs and timber to your specifications.

Log homes offer rich rewards besides the rustic ambiance that make them so attractive. They are long lasting, fit the land better than stick-framed construction, are more energy efficient (due to thermal mass), and withstand Mother Nature's fury far better than convention construction. Plus there is nothing that brings the warmth and comfort of solid wood construction.

We mill our logs and timber from the trees grown in our nearby forests — Douglas Fir, Engelmann Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, and Aspen. Each offers unique characteristics and charm. We have a deep appreciation for the variety of tree species and the distinct lumber they provide. We also realize the importance of maintaining a wise stewardship of this natural resource.

Since trees are a renewable organic resource, log and timber homes are very environmentally friendly. When a home is made from solid logs, you are effectively taking the carbon contained in those logs out of environment over the entire life of the home.

No additional pollution is created by reducing a tree into hundreds of board feet of dimensional lumber or composites. Our logs are minimally processed. Moreover, we harvest standing dead timber (damaged by insects) or purchase logs from certified sustainable forests.

In addition, we have incorporated a recycling program into our production efforts. We take our surplus chips, lumber tailings, and sawdust and convert it into a renewable bio-fuel — pellet fuel. For more about that click here.

Nothing gets closer to nature than a log or timber home.

Examples of fine craftsmanship are at every turn, in the handcrafted staircase with its branch-like spindles and balustrade, in the hand-scribed large timbers overhead in the cathedral ceiling, in the one-of-a-kind light fixtures. Log homes are often quieter than stick built homes, thanks to the same thermal mass that provides energy efficiency and the sound deadening affects of wood walls.

The next time you're considering home building, consider a log home. There are many styles and choices available with log construction. The only limitation is your imagination.

For questions or free estimates, give us a call at (435) 836-2426.

Hand-craft cannot be taught by words, but is only gained by practice and exercise.
Joseph Moxon
If man has good wood or boards to sell... you will find a hard-beaten road to his house, though it be in the woods.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pellet fuel and wood stoves

Wood pellet fuel

Pellet stoves are an economical way to heat your home, garage, office, or outbuilding. Wood pellets also offer the added benefit of bringing the aroma of a pine forest to your home or business. We are the area's largest manufacturer of pellet fuel. If you use pellets, or sell them commercially, we would be pleased to be your factory-direct provider.

We are also an authorized Quadra-Fire stove dealer. If you've ever considered owning a pellet stove, there has never been a better time. Quadra-Fire pellet stoves offer a clean-burning, eco-friendly home heating alternative. Available in a wide assortment of models and units, Quadra-Fire has the perfect pellet stove for your home.

Powerful heating performance and easy operation make any Quadra-Fire pellet stove a smart investment. Traditional craftsmanship and multiple finishing options help create a unique look. And above all else, these rugged units are built to perform.

Unique features and exclusive technologies are found in every Quadra-Fire pellet stove. These engineering advancements offer greater convenience, increased efficiency and easier maintenance. Help heat your home and enjoy the proven performance of a Quadra-Fire pellet stove.

For questions or free estimates, give us a call at (435) 836-2426.

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